The inclusion of the term “Third World” in our association’s name has become increasingly problematic.  When the association was founded in the 1980s, it was a relatively acceptable term.  Over the years, however, many have come to view the term as archaic. At worst, it has been viewed as pejorative.  At the Executive Council meeting held during the annual conference in Quito, Ecuador in November 2015, council members discussed the need for the association to eliminate the term “Third World” from our association’s name and journal. We discussed the difficulty of finding a name that would make everyone in the association happy. Nevertheless, we agreed that we needed to replace the term “Third World” with a more appropriate term.  In March 2016, the members of the association voted to change the name of the association and the journal to the Association of Global South Studies (AGSS) and the Journal of Global South Studies (JGSS), respectively.  The journal’s name change will officially take effect with the Spring 2016 issue of the journal.  The association’s name change will officially take place at the annual conference in November.


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