Books for Review

Books Available for Review – August 2018

Amoah-Ramey, Female Highlife Performers in Ghana
Clark, Hip-Hop in Africa
Falola, Toyin and Akintunde Akinyemi, eds. Culture and Customs of the Yoruba.
Hackman, Desire Work: Ex-Gay and Pentecostal Masculinity in South Africa
Hoffman, Monrovia Modern: Urban Form and Political Imagination in Liberia
Olaopa, Transforming the African Public Service
Onslow and Plaut, Robert Mugabe
Oyebayo & Bekele, ed. The Long Struggle
Philip, Markets on the Margins: Mineworkers, Job Creation and Enterprise Development
Stapleton, Africa: War and Conflict in the Twentieth Century
Takougang and Amin, Post-Colonial Cameron
Taoua, African Freedom: How Africa Responded to Independence
Tousignant, Edges of Exposure: Toxicology and the Problem of Capacity in Postcolonial Senegal
Berrocal and Tsang. Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific
Park & White, eds. Gender and Generation in Southeast Asian Agrarian Transformations
Preston, Dynamics of Change in East Asia
Latin America
Aidoo, Lamonte. Slavery Unseen: Sex, Power, and Violence in Brazilian History
Coronado, I’m Not Gonna Die in this Damn Place
Door, On Site, In Sound: Performance Geographies in America Latina
Ellison, Domesticating Democracy: The Politics of Conflict Resolution in Bolivia
Flores, Ruben. Backroads Pragmatists: Mexico’s Melting Pot & Civil Rights in the United States
Herrera, Olga. American Interventions and Modern Art in South America
Karush, Matthew. Musicians in Transit: Argentina and the Globalization of Popular Music
Mignolo & Walsh, On Decoloniality
Millar, Reclaiming the Discarded: Life and Labor on Rio’s Garbage Dump
Nesbitt, Nick. Caribbean Critique: Antillean Critical Theory from Toussaint to Glissant
Orique, To Heaven or Hell: Bartolome de las Casas Confesionario
Ramos, Sensing Decolonial Aesthetics in Latin American Arts
Thompson, et. al. The Bolivia Reader: History, Culture, and Politics
Tortorici, Sins Against Nature: Sex & Archives in Colonial New Spain
Turner, Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, childbearing, and Slavery in Jamaica
Valentine, Paul et al,  The Anthropology of Marriage in Lowland South America
Van Deusen, Embodying the Sacred: Women Mystics in 17th Century Lima
Middle East
Almarzoqi, et al. Islamic Macroeconomics: A Model for Efficient Government, Stability, and full      Employment
Burns, Aleppo: A History
General Studies
Abidde, Sabella Ogbobode, ed. Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean: The Case for Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation.
Mahler, From the Tricontinental to to the Global South: Race, Radicalism, and Trasnational Solidarity
Mitra, Disability, Health and Human Development