Books for Review

Books Available for Review – May 2019


Casselberry & Pritchard, Spirit on the Move: Black Women and Pentacostalism in Africa and the Diaspora

Frederick, Garbage Citizenship: Vital Infrastructures of Labor in Dakar, Senegal

Hackman, Desire Work: Ex-Gay and Pentecostal Masculinity in South Africa

Hoffman, Monrovia Modern: Urban Form and Political Imagination in Liberia

Mitra, Disability, Health and Human Development [Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda]

Olaopa, Transforming the African Public Service

Oritsejafor, Governance and Democracy in Africa

Philip, Markets on the Margins: Mineworkers, Job Creation and Enterprise Development

Takougang & Amin, Post-Colonial Cameron

Tousignant, Edges of Exposure: Toxicology and the Problem of Capacity in Postcolonial Senegal


Berrocal and Tsang. Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific

Chen, Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes: Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics

Chiang, After Eunuchs: Science, Medicine, and the Transformation of Sex in Modern China

Doeppers, Feeding Manila in Peace and War, 1850-1945

Eisenman, Red China’s Green Revolution

Han, Contesting Cyberspace in China: Online Expression and Authoritarian Resistance

Park & White, eds. Gender and Generation in Southeast Asian Agrarian Transformations

Preston, Dynamics of Change in East Asia

Sachsenmaier, Global Entanglements of a Man who Never Traveled: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Christian and His Conflicted Worlds

Thai, China’s War on Smuggling

Latin America

Aidoo, Slavery Unseen: Sex, Power, and Violence in Brazilian History

 Alarcon, Dance for Me When I Die [Argentina]

 Door, On Site, In Sound: Performance Geographies in America Latina

 Grisaffi, Coca Yes, Cocaine No: How Bolivia’s Coca Growers Reshaped Democracy

 Herrera, American Interventions and Modern Art in South America

Lemon, The Taco Truck

 Lopez-Pedreros, Makers of Democracy: A Transnational History of the Middle Classes in Colombia

 Nesbitt, Caribbean Critique: Antillean Critical Theory from Toussaint to Glissant

Schiller, Channeling the State: Community Media and Popular Politics in Venezuela


Middle East


General Studies

Steingo & Sykes, Remapping Sound Studies