President: Olufunke Fontenot, Fort Valley State University;

Immediate Past President: Jose de Arimateia da Cruz, Georgia Southern University;

Vice-President/President-Elect: Cathy Skidmore-Hess, Georgia Southern University;

Secretary: Philip I. Szmedra, Gannon University;

Treasurer: Paul Rodell, Georgia Southern University [emeritus];

Executive Director: William D. Pederson, Louisiana State University Shreveport,


Executive Council Position #1: Patricia Moral, Escuela Normal Superior Abraham Lincoln,

Executive Council Position #2: Brian Parkinson, Georgia Southwestern State University,

Executive Council Position #3: Gary Kline, Georgia Southwestern State University [emeritus],

Nominations and Elections Committee [chair]: Michael R. Hall, Georgia Southern University;

Information Services Committee [chair]: James Winchester, Georgia College and State University;

Teaching Committee [chair]: Lauren Eastwood, State University of New York Plattsburgh;

Editor of the Journal of Global South Studies: Ryan Alexander, State University of New York Plattsburgh;

NOTE: The 2020 Executive Council elections were held from 15 August 2020 to 15 September 2020.  Normally, the election results are announced at the Awards Banquet at the annual conference, which was to have been held on Tuesday 13 October 2020 in Nova Scotia this year.  Since the conference has been postponed due to the global pandemic, election results will be posted on the website.  New Executive Council officers and members assume their new position on 13 October 2020 and will hold that position until the next Awards Banquet on Tuesday 12 October 2021, which will be held in Nova Scotia.  This year, 55 members cast their votes for the positions of Vice-President/President Elect and Executive Council Position #1.  The results for the Vice-President/President-Elect position were [32] Cathy Skidmore-Hess and [22] Sura Rath.  The results for Executive Council Position #1 were [34] Patricia Moral and [20] Jyoti Tripathy.  The Nominations and Elections Committee encourages all members, especially those who were not successful in obtaining an Executive Council seat this year, to present themselves as candidates for the 2021 Executive Council elections when the Call for Nominations goes out in June 2021.