Our Founder, the late Dr. Harold Isaacs, organized the first conference of the association in 1983 at his home institution, Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) in Americus, Georgia. It was a modest affair followed up by four more annual conferences at GSW. In 1988, the association expanded out and held its conference in Savannah, Georgia. In subsequent years, reflecting the growing strength and popularity of the association, annual conferences were held in Gainesville, Florida (where Nobel Peace Prize winner, former president of Costa Rica, and association member Oscar Arias gave the keynote address) ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tacoma, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Hartford, Connecticut; Williamsburg, Virginia; and many other US cities. Our annual meetings have been venues for both intellectual engagement and growth, and for fellowship.

Our first conference held outside of the country was in 1999 in Costa Rica. In 2002, we held a spectacular conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Other conferences abroad have been held in Ecuador, Ghana, Brazil, India, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and, most recently, Marrakesh, Morocco. For a more complete discussion of our conferences, check out the history of our association under the website rubric, About Us. Our 2018 conference, the 36th meeting, will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November.

We cordially invite you to join us and we are confident that you will find the experience very rewarding.