Conference Proposals

Guidelines for Hosting the Annual Meeting of the AGSS

The following guidelines are offered to assist institutions interested in submitting proposals to serve as the host institution for the annual meeting of the Association of Global South Studies, Inc. (AGSS). These guidelines have been developed in line with the Association’s history, goals and objectives. It is expected that institutions proposing to host AGSS annual meetings share the vision of AGSS. It is the expectation of AGSS that proposals for consideration to host an annual meeting be submitted by individuals and/or institutions with a history of support for the association and who have actively participated in past meetings. Such a relationship with AGSS has significantly contributed to the overall success of past meetings.

Joint proposals from two or more institutions in the same city will be considered.

A formal, written proposal should be submitted preferably TWO (2) years in advance of the date of the annual meeting for which the application is being considered. Such proposals should be sent to the current president of the Association (information about the current slate of officers can be found at:
The proposal should address all the elements included in the outline below:

I. Financial commitment

A letter of commitment MUST be included, with the endorsement of the dean, department head, or other appropriate institutional representative, clearly indicating the institution’s support of the application to host the annual meeting. This letter and the endorsement must provide explicit information as to the level and type of financial support to be provided. Such support should

1. The welcome reception catered for a group of 100-150 guests. The reception is usually scheduled for the first night of the conference. It is expected that a representative from the host institution(s) will be present during the reception to offer words of welcome to the participating AGSS members.

2. If necessary, transportation to and from the university campus. This would be appropriate if the conference deliberations are conducted at a facility nearby to the university campus(es). This requires that the hotel and the meeting site be in close proximity to facilitate those individuals desiring to walk to and from both locations.

3. Additional support, such as contributions to the banquet and hosting of sight-seeing social events would increase the attractiveness of the proposal. You should consult the president for guidance as to the appropriateness of any proposed social event. Any social events should be flexible enough to accommodate as many conference attendees as choose to participate. Given the membership of the Association, the social event should be inclusive in tone and sensitive to cultural differences. Sign-up sheets for any social
events can be distributed at the registration desk.

4. The ability of the host institution(s) to provide morning and afternoon snacks, such as coffee, pop, and cookies would be another advantage. Funding for this could be secured from local businesses or book publishers.

II. Dates of the Meeting

The annual meeting is usually held the first or second weekend in October. Proposals should reach the president at least ONE month prior to the meeting date at which the proposal will be considered. This is to ensure that the proposal is included in the agenda for discussion at the business meeting of the AGSS Executive Council. A representative from the prospective host institution(s) must be present at the meeting to answer any questions related to the submitted proposal.

III. Logistical Requirements

1. Transportation:
There should be an airport in reasonable proximity to the site at which the conference will be held and with regularly scheduled jet service into and out of the city.

2. Accommodations:
i. For guests:
It is the responsibility of the individual(s) submitting the proposal to negotiate with area hotels to secure the most reasonable rate for comfortable accommodations for 150-200 conference participants. Accommodations should include a mix of single, double and queen size rooms. It is also recommended that negotiations be made with prospective hotels to provide free or reasonable priced shuttle service between the hotel site and the airport. It is recommended that a block of rooms be reserved to take advantage of group rates.
For conference deliberations:
Four (4) large conference/meeting rooms are required each day for concurrent panel sessions. These rooms may be located either in the hotel or at the host institution(s) provided that the host institution(s) ensures that no additional charge is incurred by AGSS for the use of these rooms or for any necessary transportation. Meeting rooms should accommodate 20-30 individuals per session. Negotiations should be made to include audio-visual equipment at no or minimal cost to AGSS. Availability of office facilities to the conference attendees either at the hotel or at a nearby campus location is desirable. Four or five tables and chairs for registration and book displays should be located in the lobby area near the entrance to the meeting rooms.
ii. For social events:
A site needs to be arranged for the welcome reception and for the banquet. The reception site should accommodate 100-150 persons for hors d’oeuvres. The banquet site should accommodate 100-120 persons for a plate dinner.

IV. Publicity

1. Publicity about the conference:
The host institution(s) will be required to publicize the annual meeting on campus, in the community, and to other institutions in the area to encourage participation and to increase membership in AGSS within the host institution’s geographic region.
2. Publicity about area attractions:
Though not required, it is desirable that the host institution(s) secure copies of local area attractions and listings for places to go and how to get there (with admission prices if applicable). This could include restaurants (with cost ranges, description of specialties and atmosphere, etc.), bars, pubs, shows, tourist attractions, etc. If done, copies should be ready for inclusion in conference material packages at least ONE day prior to the start of the conference.

V. Other Factors

1. An unsuccessful proposal may be resubmitted for consideration in a year other than the proposed year.
2. Decisions about host institutions are unrelated to election to the Executive Council of AGSS or any other elected position within AGSS.