Cecil B. Currey Book Award

A book award for the best book published by a member during the previous year was awarded by the Executive Council for the first time to Cecil B. Currey in 1997 for Victory at Any Cost: The Genius of Viet Nam’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap.  Because of Currey’s generous pledge to fund the award for future recipients, the Executive Council named the award in his honor.  The winner of the award will receive a plaque and a monetary prize at the annual conference.  The award is only open to members of the association.  To be considered for the award, please send a cover letter and three copies of the book to the committee chair as soon as possible, but no later than 1 June of the year following the book’s publication. Because of the pandemic, books published in 2019 and 2020 will be considered for the 2021 award.  Books considered for the 2021 award must be sent to the committee chair by 1 June 2021.

Award Committee (2021 – 2026)

Committee Chair: Ryan Alexander  –tba

Committee Member: Sura Rath

Committee Member: Paul Rodell

Previous Award Winners

1998 – John Mukum Mbaku, Institutions and Reform in Africa: The Public Choice Perspective

1999 – Robert Olson, The Kurdish Question and Turkish-Iranian Relations

2000 – Paul J. Magnarella, Justice in Africa: Rwanda’s Genocide, its Courts, and the UN Criminal Tribunal

2001 – Olufemi O. Vanghan, Nigerian Chiefs: Traditional Power in Modern Politics, 1890s-1990s

2002 – Paul Rodell, Culture and Customs of Philippines

2003 – William Head, War from Above the Clouds: B-52 Operations During the Second IndoChina War and the Effects of the Air War on Theory and Doctrine

2005 – Toyin Falola, Economic Reforms and Modernization in Nigeria, 1945-1965

2006 – Hanchao Lu, Street Criers: A Cultural History of Chinese Beggars

2007 – Farhad Nomani and Sohrab Behdad, Class and Labor in Iran: Did the Revolution Matter?

2008 – Elizabeth F. Drexler, Aceh, Indonesia: Securing the Insecure State

2009 – Huaiyin Li, Village China under Socialism and Reform: A Micro-History, 1948-2008

2010 – Bryan Tilt, The Struggle for Sustainability in Rural China: Environmental Values and Civil Society

2011– Anja Jetschke, Human Rights and State Security: Indonesia and the Philippines

2012 – Abdul Karim Bangura, African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers

2013 – Michael Arndt, India’s Foreign Policy and Multilateralism and Toyin Falola, Ibaden: Foundation, Growth, and Economic Change, 1830-1860

2014 — Michael Hathaway, Environmental Winds: Making the Global in Southwest China  

2015 – J. Patrice McSherry, Chilean New Song: The Political Power of Music, 1960s-1973

2016 — David A. Pietz, The Yellow River: The Problem of Water in Modern China

2017 — Philip C. Aka, Human Rights in Nigeria’s External Relations: Building the Record of a Moral Superpower

2018 — not awarded

2019 — not awarded

2020 — not awarded

2021 – not awarded

2022- Sandya Hewamanne, Restitching Identities in Rural Sri Lanka: Gender, Neoliberalism, and the Politics of Contentment

2023- Salvador S.F. Regilme, Jr. for this book, Aid Imperium: United States Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Post-Cold War Southeast Asia, University of Michigan Press.