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The U.S. and the Middle East
Crisis in Ukraine: Causes and Implications
Experiences of GSW Students in Bulgaria
Panama in the Post-World War II Era: Changes in United States-Panamanian Relations
Using Community Theater to Improve Diabetes Education & Prevention in the South Pacific
Major Third World Developments – The American War in Vietnam: Still One More Lesson To Learn!
Major Developments in Africa & South Asia
The Challenge From China
Experiences in China
Major Developments in Contemporary Indonesia
U.S. Influence in Southeast Asia
The Water Crisis: Issues Confronting the Global Community
US Policy Toward Pakistan & Afghanistan
Major Historical & Contemporary Issues in Ghana
The Nature and Impact of Third World Diseases
Major Developments in Contemporary Turkey
A Bulgaria Travelogue: Student Experiences during the GSW Maymester in Bulgaria Program
Russia and the Near Abroad
The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on the Third World
Major Contemporary Developments in Iraq, Iran & Afghanistan
The World Food Crisis: Causes, Results and Possible Solutions
Thailand: Major Contemporary Developments
Are The Iraqi People Better Off Now Than Under Saddam Hussein?