Books for Review

Available Books 1 February 2024



Adar, et al. The Southern African Development Community Treaty-Nexus

Chery, Kingdom Come: The Politics of Faith and Freedom in Segregationist South Africa and Beyond

Degani, The City Electric: Infrastructure and Ingenuity in Post Socialist Tanzania

Hanchey, The Center Cannot Hold: Decolonial Possibility in the Collapse of a Tanzanian NGO

Hecht, Residual Governance: How South Africa Foretells Planetary Futures

Michael, Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia

Niehuus, An Archive of Possibilities: Healing and Repair in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rijke-Epstein, Children of the Soul: The Power of Built Form in Urban Madagascar

Rosenthal, From Immigrants to Refugees: The Politics of Aid along the Tanzania-Rwanda Border

Siddiqi, Architecture of Migration: The Dadaab Refugee Camps and Humanitarian Settlement

Sooryamoorthy, Independent Africa, Dependent Science: Scientific Research in Africa

Vaughann, Letters, Kinship, and Social Mobility in Nigeria

Williams, Primitive Normativity, Race, Sexuality, and temporality in Colonial Kenya



Bell, et al, Taking Form, Making Worlds: Cartonera Publishers in Latin America

Dore, How Things Fall Apart: What Happened to the Cuban Revolution

Perez, Colonial Reckoning

Rosas & Loza, The Border Reader

Sherman, Peru since Independence



Rong, A Ming Confucian=s World (2022)



Curry-Machado, et al, The Oxford Handbook of Commodity History


If you know of a book published since 2023 about the Global South that is not on the list that you would like to review, please contact the book review editor.