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E-mail Account Policies:

An individual member of Georgia Southwestern State University community, faculty, staff, student, or an organization may be issued an email account. This email account will remain valid so long as the individual is currently employed or enrolled at Georgia Southwestern State University. Retired employees may request to have their email accounts remain active after they leave GSW. Other employees that leave GSW may request to keep their accounts active for up to one year.

The proper use of the email account is ultimately the responsibility of the individual under whose name it has been assigned. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to guard his/her password and not share his/her email account and password with others.

The sending of offensive messages to individuals on the network or inappropriate use of the Internet and other networks to which Georgia Southwestern State University is directly or indirectly connected will be deemed abuse of computer privileges. When discovered, the abuser's email account will be terminated immediately.

The use of another individual's email account without his/her expressed consent will be viewed as theft and as computer fraud, and could result in sanctions outlined in Section 7 of the Computer and Network Use Policy.

I Have Read and I Agree to Abide by the GSW E-mail Policy (summarized above)

Your username and password will be assigned for you. Please return to IIT with your GSW ID card or other picture ID so that you may obtain your login information.