GSW Student Orientation

GSW Student Orientation - Transfer

Welcome to the online GSW Transfer Student Orientation. Click the links below to view the videos. As you complete the videos, each link will be marked "(Done)". When you've finished watching all the videos, a link will appear that will allow you to put in your GSW ID# and email address. Once you fill out the form, your registration hold will be lifted within an hour.

Requirements for this orientation are:



Why am I doing this?

What can I access with RAIN?

How do I access my RAIN Account?

How do I Check my registration status?

Evaluating transfer credit

Transferable degrees

Physical Education and History

Regents testing clarification

Academic status

Graduating with Honors

How do I find my academic advisor?

Is Financial Aid available?

How do I check my financial aid status?

How do I transfer my hope scholarship?

Payment information

Student Services (Part 1)

Student Services (Part 2)

Student Services (Part 3)

Campus Bookstore

Where can I eat on Campus?

Where can I live on Campus?

How do I register for Parking?

Still Have questions?