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In order to provide an international structure for the humane and scientific study of Third World peoples, problems and issues, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life, Dr. Harold Isaacs, Professor of History at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia, founded the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS), Inc., in 1983.

ATWS is now the largest professional organization of its kind in the world, with a global membership and chapters in South Asia and Africa. Members include academics, practitioners in the area of Third World development, employees of government agencies, and diplomats who reside in 45 states plus the District of Columbia in the U.S., and in 21 other countries around the globe (especially Kenya, Nigeria, and India).

Since 1983 the Association has held 32 annual international conferences, published 62 issues of its main publication, Journal of Third World Studies (JTWS), as well as ATWS Conference Proceedings, and ATWS Newsletter. ATWS became an institution in 1991 when elected officials (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Council members, and Chairpersons of standing committees) assumed responsibility for the management of the organization. In 1992 Georgia Southern University became Executive Headquarters, administered by an Executive Director selected by the Executive Council. The Executive Headquarters are now at Louisiana State University Shreveport. Dr. William D. Pederson, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, and Director of the International Lincoln Center for American Studies, is the new Executive Director of ATWS. In 1995 the United Nations granted U.N. “consultative status,” thus enabling the Association to increase its direct impact on Third World issues and developments. A web site was established in 1996 which provides information about the history, structure and activities of ATWS as well as a membership directory.

ATWS has an international impact through the worldwide circulation of JTWS, U.N. “consultative status,” the ATWS web site, chapters in South Asia and Africa (Kenya & Nigeria), and contributions of scholarly articles and book reviews to JTWS by Third World scholars The South Asia chapter, founded by Dr. Isaiah Azariah, who passed away in January, 2005, has held fifteen successful conferences, the latest May 24, 2010 in Kerala, India., and members of chapters in Kenya and Nigeria have attended ATWS annual conferences and are prolific contributors to JTWS. The Kenya chapter held its sixth and extremely successful conference in November 2005 at Western University College of Science and Technology in Kakemega, Kenya, drawing participants from Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.


Dr. Harold Isaacs served as Executive Director from 1983 to 1989, and organized the first eight annual meetings. In 1984 he founded Journal of Third World Studies (JTWS) and has served as Editor-In-Chief to the present time. Dr. Isaacs was also Provisional President and Secretary-Treasurer between 1989 and 1991, and served as Treasurer from 1983 to 1997.

Founding Members:

Dr. William Head, Chief Historian, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins AFB, Georgia, has served as Chairman of the ATWS Nominating Committee, 1991 to 1997, and as Associate Editor of the Asian sections of JTWS from 1986 to 1997. He worked with Dr. Isaacs and Dr. Zia H. Hashmi in developing ATWS into a permanent institution. In 1997 Dr. Head created the Cecil B. Currey ATWS Book-Length Publications Award for the best book authored by an ATWS member, and he is presently chair of this award committee. He was President of ATWS 2002-2003, and served on the Executive Council, 2010-2013.

Dr. Zia H. Hashmi, Formerly Professor of Political Science and Director of Center for International Studies at Georgia Southern University served in several positions: Associate Editor of Middle East sections of JTWS, 1986-1991; Provisional Vice-President/President-Elect (1989-1991), a capacity in which he organized the 9th annual meeting at Temple University; first elected President of ATWS from 1991 to 1992; Executive Director between 1992 and 1996, with Georgia Southern as Executive Headquarters; and chairperson of the committee which obtained U.N. “consultative status.”

Dr. John Mukum Mbaku, Professor of Economics & Willard L. Eccles Public Choice Research Fellow, Weber State University. He was first Secretary of ATWS, from 1991-1994, and in the capacity of Vice-President/President-Elect, between 1993-1994, organized the largest annual international conference of ATWS at College of William & Mary in 1994. Dr. Mbaku served as Associate Editor of the African sections of JTWS, 1986-2007. He is the 1998 recipient of the “Cecil B. Currey Book-Length Publications Award,” and in 2007 he received the “ATWS Outstanding Leadership And Service Award.”

Dr. Marcia White Jones, Public Service Associate, University of Georgia. Dr. Jones is founding editor ATWS Proceedings, and was co-editor, now editor of ATWS Newsletter. As Vice President/President-Elect she organized the 15th annual ATWS meeting at Central Connecticut State University in 1997. Dr. Jones served as President of ATWS, 1997-1998. Dr. Jones passed away in 2011.

Dr. Michael B. Bishku, Professor of History, Georgia Regents University. As 5th Vice-President/President-Elect, 1994-1995, Dr. Bishku organized 13th annual ATWS meeting at University of North Florida in 1995, and served as President of ATWS, 1995-1996. From 1991 to 2002, he served as Associate Editor of the Middle Eastern sections of JTWS.

Dr. Steve Y. Rhee, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Dr. Rhee was in charge of local arrangements for the 6th annual ATWS meeting at AASU in 1988, the first truly national ATWS conference. He was elected to the Executive Council in 1997, served as President-Elect, 1999-2000, and was the President of ATWS, 2000 – 2001. Dr. Rhee passed away in 2012.

Dr. Paul J. Magnarella is Professor and Director of the Peace Studies Program at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. As Vice-President/President-Elect from 1991 to 1992 he organized 8th annual ATWS conference at University of Florida. During his term as President, 1992-1993, Dr. Magnarella created the “ATWS Presidential Award,” and Mario D. Zamora Award for Outstanding Scholarship on the Third World.” Additionally, he provided Dr. Hashmi with substantive assistance in obtaining “consultative status” from U.N. Dr. Magnarella is also Special Counsel of ATWS and its Special Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council. He received the “Cecil B. Currey Book-Length Publications” Award for 2000. Dr. Magnarella is a member of the Cecil B. Currey ATWS Book-Length Publications Award Committee.

Other Key Members:

Nurudeen Akinyemi, Associate Professor of Political Science, Kennesaw State University, was elected to Executive Council Position #1in 2007,and served on the Conference Organizing Committee for the 27th annual ATWS meeting in Ghana in 2009. He received ATWS Presidential Award in 2009.

Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, former President of Costa Rica, 1986-1990, and winner of Nobel Peace Prize for his Central American Peace Plan. Dr. Arias established the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, which focuses on promoting nonviolent conflict resolution, demilitarization, ecological preservation, and reduction of socioeconomic injustice.

Dr. Akwasi B. Assensoh, Professor of History, Indiana University-Bloomington, created “Lawrence Dunbar Reddick Memorial Scholarship Award,” and is a member of JTWS Editorial Board. He was elected to the ATWS Executive Council in 1999, in 2002 he became Vice-President/President Elect, and served as President of ATWS, 2003-2004. Dr. Assensoh was on the ATWS Conference Organizing Committee for the 27th annual ATWS Meeting in Ghana (2009).

Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, Howard University, served as Vice-President/President-Elect, 2000-2001, and President of ATWS, 2001-2002. He organized the extremely well-attended and highly successful 19th (2001) annual ATWS meeting in Savannah. Dr. Bangura is presently chair of the Toyin Falola ATWS Africa Book Award Committee, and serves as moderator of the ATWS Discussion Group (list) and is a member of the JTWS editorial board.

Dr. Edwin G. Clausen, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Daemen College (NY). As 3rd Vice-President/President-Elect, between 1993-1994, Dr. Clausen organized the 10th annual ATWS meeting at Pacific Lutheran University.

Dr. Doyin Coker-Kolo, Associate Dean of School of Education, Millersville University (PA), served as Treasurer of ATWS, 2006- 2009, and was reelected in 2009 and 2012. Dr. Kolo was the site coordinator for the 26th annual ATWS Meeting at Millersville University in 2008, and served on the Conference Organizing Committee for the 2009 27th annual ATWS meeting in Ghana.

Dr. Martin J. Collo, Professor of Political Science at Widener University, served as Associate Editor of the Latin American sections of JTWS from 1986 to 1997. Dr. Collo passed away in 2002.

Michael R. Hall, Professor of History, Armstrong Atlantic State University, served as Vice-President/President-Elect of ATWS, 2005-2006, and was site coordinator for the highly successful ATWS annual meetings in the Dominican Republic (2005) and Lima, Peru (2007). He served as President of ATWS, 2006-2007, And was elected to the chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee in 2009 reelected in 2012. Dr. Hall was site coordinator for the 2010 annual ATWS meeting in Savannah,and was also site coordinator for the Twenty-Ninth (2011) annual ATWS meeting in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Kelechi Kalu, Chair, Department of African American and African Studies, The Ohio State University, served on the Executive Council, and was a member of the Conference Organizing Committee for the 2009 annual ATWS meeting in Ghana.

Dr. M. Bazlul Karim created the superlative ATWS web site in 1996. He maintained the site until early 2000.

Dr. Gary Kline, Professor of Political Science, Georgia Southwestern State University, served as Treasurer of ATWS, 1997-2006, and was elected Vice-President/President-Elect in 2006. He served on the Executive Council (1995-1997), and has been a member of the JTWS Editorial Board since 1993. He is recipient of several ATWS awards, to include “Presidential Award;” “ATWS Distinguished Leadership and Service Award;” ATWS Outstanding Leadership and Service Award;” and the “Mario D. Zamoro Award” for Excellence in Scholarship on the Third World. Dr. Kline served as Vice-President/President-Elect, 2006-2007, President, 2007-2008, and Immediate Past President, 2008-2009.

Dr. Julius Ihonvbere, currently serving as advisor to the President of Nigeria, received the “Mario D. Zamora Award” in 1994, served on the JTWS Editorial Board, and was elected to the Executive Council in 1995. Dr. Ihonvbere was ATWS’ official representative to meetings of the U.N.’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York.

Dr. Thomas M. Leonard, Professor of History, University of North Florida. Dr. Leonard served as chairperson of local arrangements committee for 13th annual meeting, is a member of the JTWS Editorial Board, and was elected ATWS Vice President/President Elect for 1998-1999. He organized the first ATWS meeting outside U.S., in San Jose, Costa Rica, November 18-20, 1999, and was President of ATWS, 1999-2000. Dr. Leonard served as Chair of the ATWS Currey Book-Length Publications Award Committee, 2004-2008.

Dr. Rolin G. Mainuddin, Associate Professor of Political Science, North Carolina Central University. As Chairperson of the Teaching Committee, 1994-1997, Dr. Mainuddin compiled ATWS Area Interest List. He was elected Vice-President/President-Elect for 1997-1998. As President-Elect he organized 16th annual meeting in Durham, North Carolina, and in 1998-1999 served as President of ATWS. He served as Associate Editor of the Middle Eastern sections of JTWS, 2003-2006.

Dr. Mary Muller, Human Resources Consultant, Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Muller served on the Executive Council, and Information Services Committee.

Dr. Paul A. Rodell, Associate Professor of History, Georgia Southern University, served as Executive Director of ATWS, 1996-2002, and as editor and co-editor of ATWS Newsletter. Dr. Rodell is currently serving on the Cecil B. Currey ATWS Book Award Committee.

Dr. Nancy Shumaker, Professor of Spanish and Director of the Center for International Studies at Georgia Southern University, is Chairperson of the Information Services Committee, and former co-editor of the ATWS Proceedings. She won 1999 ATWS Presidential Award.

Dr. Chaitram Singh, Gund Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Berry College, was Secretary of ATWS from 1994 to 1997. He was elected in 2009 as Chair of the Information Services Committee. In 2010 Dr. Singh commenced his tenure as associate editor of the Latin American sections of JTWS.

Dr. Donald Simmons, Executive Director, McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service, organized the 14th annual ATWS conference at Troy State University – Montgomery, Alabama, and served as President of ATWS, 1996-1997. He was Chairperson of the Membership Committee from 1993-1995. In 1997 Dr. Simmons was elected Chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, Associate Professor of African and International Politics, Ithaca College, served as Vice-President/President-Elect, 2007-2008, President of ATWS, 2008-2009, and is presently Immediate Past-President of ATWS. Dr. Soyinka-Airewele was the program chair for the 26th annual ATWS meeting at Millersville University, and was chair of the Conference Organizing Committee for the 27 annual ATWS meeting in Ghana. She received the ATWS Presidential Award” in 2010, and continues to play an important role in the growth and development of ATWS as an international professional organization.

Dr. Mario D. Zamora, Professor of Anthropology, College of William and Mary. He was Vice-President/President-Elect, of ATWS, 1993, and a world-renowned scholar and promoter of Third World Studies who passed away in 1993.


1. Provide ongoing open forums to discuss and analyze Third World problems and developments from different perspectives or viewpoints, and thus improve understanding of the underlying forces shaping the destiny of the Third World and impacting global developments.
2. Promote professional development through the encouragement of research, publication and teaching in the area of Third World Studies.
3. Facilitate professional and social communication by sponsoring activities which will bring together persons interested in Third World Studies
4. Promote the enhancement of the quality of life of Third World peoples through application of primary research findings, and formal association with private and public institutions involved with development in the Third World.


1. Sponsor lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, including an Annual Meeting, focusing on Third World problems and developments.
2. Publish a newsletter and selected papers and periodicals.
3. Sponsor travel enrichment seminars which will provide opportunities to acquire first-hand knowledge of Third World peoples and problems.
4. Encourage interested individuals to support institutions and organizations associated with development in the Third World.
5. Recognize excellence in research, publication and teaching by appropriate awards and prizes.

Journal of Third World Studies (JTWS)

The Journal of Third World Studies (ISSN 8755-3449) is published by ATWS bi-annually, Spring and Fall, and is under the general editorship of Dr. Harold Isaacs and several associate editors who specialize in specific regions: Yi Sun (Asia), Samuel Zalanga (Africa), and Chaitram Singh (Latin America). Kathryn L. Zak is editorial assistant. The JTWS, which began in 1984 and has since published 62 issues of provocative peer reviewed articles, review essays, and book reviews, averages over 300 pages per issue and is abstracted and indexed by 16 specialized services. The internationally-distributed periodical receives financial support from the Association’s membership dues and subscription fees as well as from Georgia Southwestern State University and its foundation.

The JTWS welcomes submissions expressing diverse viewpoints concerning Third World problems and issues. Members receive a subscription to JTWS as a membership benefit and are encouraged to submit articles which will be considered for publication. Members are also encouraged to volunteer as book reviewers. An annual subscription for non-members and institution is $60.00. Further information about the JTWS can be found in its section of this Web site.


The ATWS Conference Proceedings was started in 1993 by Dr. Marcia Jones of the Department of Finance and Economics, Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia after the Association’s meeting at Pacific Lutheran College in Tacoma, Washington. The fourth edition (Montgomery, Alabama meeting) was edited by former co-editor, Dr. Nancy Shumaker, Department of Modern Languages and director of the Center for International Studies, Georgia Southern University. Dr. Harold Isaacs Professor Emeritus of History, Georgia Southwestern State University, edited Proceedings, 2001-2005.


The ATWS Newsletter first appeared in the Fall of 1994 as a supplement to the International Perspectives newsletter of Georgia Southern University’s Center for International Studies and was under the editorship of Dr. Paul A. Rodell. After two issues the newsletter became a separate publication in the summer of 1995 with Dr. Marcia Jones becoming, first, co-editor and in October 1996 the sole editor. ATWS members receive issues of the newsletter as a membership benefit. Bhim Sandhu served as editor of the newsletter between 2001 and 2009. Chaitram Singh, Gund Professor of government and international studies served as editor between 2009 and 2012. The newsletter is published on the ATWS website:

U.N. Consultative Status:

In August 1995, ATWS won ” Consultative Status” as a non-governmental organization (NGO) to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). This status, which allows ATWS to increase its direct impact on current Third World issues and developments, came after more than a year of petitioning by then ATWS Executive Director Zia Hashmi and former ATWS President Paul Magnarella who deserve praise for their persistence.

NGOs which have been granted Consultative Status may attend public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies and commissions, and submit written statements, or proposals, as well as make oral statements relevant to the work of ECOSOC. Consultative Status with the UN also gives NGOs access to an enormous amount of written material generated by the UN system.

In 1996 Mr. Charles Liebling was designated as ATWS’ New York representative to the UN, with Paul Magnarella serving as additional representative. Mr. Liebling’s successor was Dr. Julius Ihonvbere, world renowned Africanist. The current representative is Dr. Lauren Eastwood, SUNY, Plattsburgh. E-mail: eastwole@plattsburgh or leeastwood@msn.com

Furher information about ATWS’s UN status can be found on that section of this Web site.


Presidential Award, created by Dr. Paul Magnarella in 1992, is given to members of ATWS who have made significant contributions to the field of Third World Studies. Nominees should have served as an officer of ATWS and/or member of Board of Editors of JTWS. Recipients of the award are:

Nurudeen Akinyemi
Oscar Arias Sanchez
Akwasi B. Assensoh
Abdul Karim Bangura
Michael B. Bishku
Doyin Coker-Kolo
David C. Davis
Michael Hall
Zia H. Hashmi
William Head
Harold Isaacs
Alastair Iain Johnston
Marcia White Jones
M. Bazlul Karim
Gary Kline
Thomas M. Leonard
Paul J. Magnarella
Rolin G. Mainuddin
Dorothea A.L. Martin
John Mukum Mbaku
Mary Muller
William D. Pederson
Michael D. Phillips
Steve Y. Rhee
Paul A. Rodell
Nancy W. Shumaker
Donald Simmons
Chaitram Singh
Peyi Soyinka-Airewele
Shu-hui Wu
Kathryn L. Zak
Samuel Zalanga
Mario D. Zamora

Mario D. Zamora Award, created by Dr. Paul J. Magnarella in 1992 for the best article published in JTWS during the preceding year. Recipients are:

1994 — Julius O. Ihonvbere
1995 — Gary Kline

Lawrence Dunbar Reddick Memorial Scholarship Award, created in 1995 by Dr. A.B. Assensoh and Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh (former Dillard summa cum laude student) with the assistance of Dr. John Mukum Mbaku (President of ATWS at the time) and Dr. Harold Isaacs, is given to the author of the best article on Africa published during the preceding academic year. Recipients are:

1996 — Lucy Wairimu Kibera, Lecturer in Sociology of Education at the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

1997 — David Moore-Sieray, serves as Professor and Head of the Department of History and Government at Maseno University College in Maseno, Kenya.

1998 — Osita G. Afoaku, is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Northern Colorado.

1999 — Mamadou Gaye, Assistant Professor of British Literature, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal. And, Nicodemus Fru Awasom, Professor of History, University of Buea, Cameroon.

2000 — Victor Julius Ngoh, Interium Head of the Department of History, and Acting Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Buea, Cameroon.

2001 – Anne Nangula – Ayuku, Department of History, MOI University, Eldoret, Kenya.

2002 – Philip C. Aka, Department of History & Political Science, Chicago State University.

2003 – Mueni Wa Muiu, Department of Political Science, University of North Carolina-Asheville.

2004 – Kwame Boafo-Arthur, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, Legon.

2005 – Eghosa E. Osaghae, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Ibaden, Nigeria.

2006 – Guy Martin, Department of Social Sciences, Winston-Salem State University.

2007 – Assefaw Bariagaber, Professor and Chair, Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University.

2008 – James S. Guseh, Professor of Law and Public Administration, North Carolina Central University; and Emmanuel O. Oritsejafor, Professor of Political Science, North Carolina Central University.

2009 – Sherri McFarland, National Defense Intelligence Agency.

2010 -George K, Kieh, Jr., University of West Georgia.
1st Runner-Up, Abdul Karim Bangura, Howard University.
Honorable Mention: Veronica Nmoma, University of North CarolinaCharlotte.

2011 – Clair Apodaca, Florida International University.
Honorable Mention: Abdul Karim Bangura, Howard University
2012- Andemariam Kidanermariam, Associate Professor of Sociology, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma,

Honorable mention: William Ehwarieme, Delta state University, Abraka, Nigeria.

Honorable mention: Samuel Adams, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

2014: Co-winners: Doyin Coker-Kolo, Millersville University, and William K. Darley, Toledo University

Honorable Mention: John H. Bing, Heidelberg University.
Honorable Mention: Stephen C. Ceccoli, Rhodes College

Cecil B. Currey ATWS Book-Length Publications Award, created by Dr. William Head in 1997, given for the best book published by an ATWS member during the previous year, was received at the ATWS annual meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, by Dr. Cecil B. Currey, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Florida, for his biography of Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap entitled, Victory At Any Cost. Due to Dr. Currey’s generosity in pledging funding to support this award, the Executive Council voted on October 11, 1997 to name award “Cecil B. Currey Book-Length Publications Award.”

1998 – John Mukum Mbaku, Willard L. Eccles Professor of Economics at Weber State University, for his book entitled Institutions and Reform in Africa: The Public Choice Perspective, published by Praeger in 1997.

1999 – Robert Olson, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic History, University of Kentucky, for his superlative study, The Kurdish Question and Turkish-Iranian Relations, published by Mazda Press in 1998.

2000 – Paul J. Magnarella, Professor of Anthropology, University of Florida, for his excellent tome, Justice in Africa: Rwanda’s Genocide, its Courts, and the UN Criminal Tribunal, published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd, 2000.

2001 – Olufemi O. Vanghan, Associate Professor of African Studies and History, State University of New York (SUNY) at Stoney Brook, for his study entitled, “Nigerian Chiefs: Traditional Power in Modern Politics, 1890s-1990s”, published by University of Rochester Press, 2000.

2002 – Paul A. Rodell, Assistant Professor of History, Georgia Southern University, for his excellent monograph entitled “Culture and Customs of Philippines,” published by Greenwood Press, 2001.

2003 – William P. Head, Chief, Office of History, Warner Robins, AFB, Georgia , for his superlative study entitled “War from Above the Clouds: B-52 Operations During the Second IndoChina War and the Effects of the Air War on Theory and Doctrine,” published by Air University Press, 2003.

2005 – Toyin Falola, The Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professor of History,University of Texas Austin, for his excellent study, “Economic Reforms and Modernization in Nigeria, 1945-1965,” published by Kent State University Press, 2004.

2006 – Hanchao Lu, Professor of History, Georgia Institute of Technology, for his outstanding study, “Street Criers: A Cultural History of Chinese Beggers, ” published by Stanford University Press, 2005

2007 – Farhad Nomani, Professor of Economics and Business Administration, The American University of Paris, and Sohrab Behdad, Professor and John E. Harris Chair in Economics, Denison University, for their superlative study, “Class and Labor in Iran: Did the Revolution Matter?,” published by Syracuse University Press, 2006.

2008 – Elizabeth F. Drexler, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University, for her outstanding study, Aceh, Indonesia: Securing the Insecure State, published by The University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008

2009 – Huaiyin Li, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas Austin, for his excellent study, “Village China Under Socialism and Reform: A Micro-History, 1948-2008,” published by Stanford University Press, 2009.”

2010 – Bryan Tilt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Oregon State University, for his superlative book, “The Struggle for Sustainability in Rural China: Environmental Values and Civil Society,” published by Columbia University Press, 2010.

Honorable Mention: Toyin Falola, Francis Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professorin History, University of Texas Austin, “Colonialism and Violence in Nigeria,” Indiana University Press, 2009; and Kelyani Devaki Menon, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, DePaul University, “Everyday Nationalism: Women of the Hindu Right in India,” University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009.

2011-Anja Jetschke, Academic Director, German Institute for Global and Area Studies, for her excellent book, “Human Rights and State Security: Indonesia and the Philippines,” published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2010.

2012 – Abdul Karim Bangura, Howard University, “African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers,” University Press of America, 2012
Honorable mention: Olivia Bennett and Christopher McDowell, “The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement,” Palgrave, 2012;
Carolina Matos, “Media and Politics in  Latin America,” I.B. Tauris 2012;
Natasha Hamilton-Hart, ”Hard Interests and Illusions: Southeast Asia and American Power,” Cornell University Press, 2012.
2013 – Co-Winners: Arndt Michael, University of Freiburg, “India’s Foreign Policy and Multilateralism,” Palgrave MacMillan, 2013;
Toyin Falola, University of Texas at Austin, “Ibaden: Foundation,Growth, and Economic Change, 1830-1860,” Bookcraft Publishers, 2012
2014. Michael J. Hathaway, Simon Fraser University, “Environmental Winds: Making the Global in Southwest Asia,” University of California Press, 2013.

Toyin Falola ATWS Africa Book Award
The Toyin Falola ATWS Africa Book Award, established in 2005 in honor of Toyin Falola, one of Africa’s outstanding historians and intellectuals, was initially given in 2006 for the best book on Africa published in 2005-2006. The first award was presented at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of ATWS (November 2-4,2006) at Winston-Salem State University. The 2006 winner was Adam Ashforth, Visiting Associate Professor of Social Sciences at Princeton University, for his superlative work, “Witchcraft, Violence, and Democracy in South Africa”, published by the University of Chicago Press in 2005. The award is generously funded by Professor Falola.

2007 – Assefaw Bariagaber, Professor and Chair, Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University, for his excellent study, “Conflict and the Refugee Experience: Flight, Exile, and Repatriation in the Horn of Africa, Ashgate (UK), 2006.

2008 – Ogbu Kalu, Professor, McCormick Theological Seminar, African Pentecostalism: An Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2008; and Collins O. Airhihenbuwa, Professor, Department of Biobehavioral Health, Pennsylvania State University, Healing Our Differences: The Crisis of Global Health and the Politics Of Identity, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

2009 – Bayo Holsey, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African Studies, Duke University, for her outstanding book, “Routes of Remembrance: Refashioning the Slave Trade in Ghana,” University of Chicago Press, 2006.”

2010 – Patrick Manning, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History, for his excellent study, “The African Diaspora: A History Through Culture,” Columbia University Press, 2009.

2011-Richard Beltrop, Independent Researcher and Consultant, for his superlative tome, “Darfur and the International Community: The Challenges of Conflict Resolution in the Sudan,” published by I.B Tauris in 2010.

2012- Raymond Jonas, University of Washington, “The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire,” Harvard University Press, 2012.

2013 – Zubairu Wai, Lakehead University, “Epistemologies of African Conflicts: Violence, Evolutionism, and the War in Sierra Leone,” Palgrave MacMillan, 2012

2014 – Cati Coe, Rutgers University, “The Scattered Family: Parenting, African Migrants, and Global Inequality,” University of Chicago Press, 2014.

Harold Isaacs Award, created by Robert Curry in 2001 to honor the founder of ATWS, is given to the author of the best graduate paper presented at the annual ATWS meeting.

2001 – Naveed S. Sheikh, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, United Kindom.

2002 – Mueni Wa Muiu, Howard University.

2003 – Kristin Tassin, Tulane University.

2004 – Victoria Stanski, American University and Thathiah Ravi, American University.

2005 – Nathaniel Kwabo, American University

2006 – Christian Noll, American University

2007- Daniel Ogbaharya, Northern Arizona University.

2008 – John Agbonifo, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

2010 – Melissa T. Williams, Howard University.

2011-Maurice D. Smith, Howard University.

2014, Cati Coe, Rutgers University, “The Scattered Family: Parenting,African Migrants, and Global Inequality,” University of Chicago Press, 2014.

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